@daisyaking is an associate creative director based in London, working in ad land, music, tv + film. She creates ideas for {clients} that get people {+ press} talking. She's been recognised for a few awards + also makes a pretty decent lid, as she's also a milliner. Get in touch, she loves to chat.
2020Dylan FraserGucci Sweater
Dylan Fraser - Gucci Sweater
2021Mahalia feat Rico NastyJealous
Mahalia feat Rico Nasty - Jealous
2021HonneIf The World Ended A Week From Today, What Would You Do?
Honne - If The World Ended A Week From Today, What Would You Do?
2023MahaliaIRL (Album Deluxe)
Mahalia - IRL (Album Deluxe)
2020DarkooEP - 2 in 1
Darkoo - EP - 2 in 1
2021GoodboysBlack & Blue
Goodboys - Black & Blue
2021AprilPiece of Me
April - Piece of Me
2020MahaliaWhenever You're Ready
Mahalia - Whenever You're Ready
2021Dylan FraserI'd Rather Be Here
Dylan Fraser - I'd Rather Be Here
2021Honne WWYD?
Honne  - WWYD?
2022RitonMy House My Rules
Riton - My House My Rules
2021Mahalia feat AJ TraceyRoadside
Mahalia feat AJ Tracey - Roadside
2022Dylan FraserIt Took A Lot To Get To This
Dylan Fraser - It Took A Lot To Get To This
2022Dylan Fraser2030 Revolution EP
Dylan Fraser - 2030 Revolution EP
2020THAT KINDOne Last Time
THAT KIND - One Last Time
2022Foy VanceLive in The Highlands
Foy Vance - Live in The Highlands
Honne - TBD
2022RitonMy House My Rules
Riton - My House My Rules
2021THAT KINDBetter Off Alone
THAT KIND - Better Off Alone
2021HonneBack On Top
Honne - Back On Top
2017Mama MoonshineEP
Mama Moonshine - EP
2022Tommy SaintCity
Tommy Saint - City
2022YazMr Valentine
Yaz - Mr Valentine
2021James BluntAlbum Concept
James Blunt - Album Concept
Alexina - EP
2021Ella HendersonEverything I Didn't Say Album
Ella Henderson - Everything I Didn't Say Album
2023GoddardDowners (artist Karan Singh)
Goddard - Downers (artist Karan Singh)
2021AprilPiece of Me
April - Piece of Me
2020PRE55UREThe Way It Is
PRE55URE - The Way It Is
2022Ella HendersonRisk It All
Ella Henderson - Risk It All
Darkoo - Cinderella
2020Unknown P/Munya ChawawaPiers Morgan
Unknown P/Munya Chawawa - Piers Morgan
KAIOS - Vanguard
2023MahaliaTerms and Conditions
Mahalia - Terms and Conditions
2019IDEREmotional Education Album
IDER - Emotional Education Album
2022Foy VanceSapling
Foy Vance - Sapling
Darkoo - Always
2022Darkoo feat MayorkunThere She Go
Darkoo feat Mayorkun - There She Go
2023Sam GreenJam Inside Your Love
Sam Green - Jam Inside Your Love
2020Dylan FraserThe Storm EP
Dylan Fraser - The Storm EP
2022Tommy SaintMy Phone
Tommy Saint - My Phone
2020Dylan FraserLosing Sleep
Dylan Fraser - Losing Sleep
2022Tommy SaintSaint Season EP
Tommy Saint - Saint Season EP
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