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London Is Proud

Featured on BBC News, The Washington Post, CNN News, The Guardian

Sectors: Advertising, PRYear: 2017

In 2017 we took over Oxford Circus for Pride. Instead of trying to be too fancy or too clever, we opted to turn the entire station into a huge rainbow tunnel. Simple, to mark where the start of parade was going to be.

Innocent enough, right? However the pride tunnel ended up getting so much positive traction from influencers and people referencing it, that it kickstarted an important conversation about trans rights on the London Underground in general.

People had commented that the announcements on the tubes themselves weren’t gender neutral/non binary inclusive as they used the words ‘Ladies and Gentleman’

To coincide with the tube-station takeover and Pride week TFL quickly scrapped those announcements and recorded new ones to cater to the entire LGBTQI+ community.

It continued to ripple as BBC news picked it up, along with The Guardian, The Washington Post and CNN – as our tunnel became the poster boy (poster girl/poster non binary/poster person) for trans rights on the London Underground.

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