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Brain Scans of Ravers listening to House

To make psychedelic acid-trip campaign art

Sectors: Music, PRYear: 2022

Riton is a dance/house artist who is probably the one of the most hedonistic on the planet.

He signed to Atlantic Records in 2022 and wanted a relaunch, a reintroduction of himself into dance culture. Not with a whimper, but with a bang.

So we came up with the idea of ‘your brain on Riton’. Ritalin is a drug that helps provide focus and calm for those with ADHD, so we wanted Riton’s creative world to be the complete opposite of that. Psychedelic and chaotic.

The plan: to scan ravers brains, most likely inebriated to the back teeth, while listening to Riton – and take the data from an EMOTIV EEG scanner to turn into something beautiful. Something that conveyed the energy and euphoria of dance music, a joyful symphony of electrical (and real life) impulses coming together.

The data showed parameters for engagement, excitement, stress – as we recorded them live in a soundproof empty white room (no distractions) listening to the music over the speakers.

The final brainwave data, in all its colours, shapes and forms, was then sent to and interpreted by legendary artist Leif Podhasjky who transformed it into pieces of art.

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