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Refund My Shit Date

Featured on Loose Women, VICE, HungerTV, The Sun & Metro

Awards: Webby, W3 Gold, AwwwardsSectors: Music, PRYear: 2020

Dating is fucking awful isn’t it? You spend hours swiping only to find yourself on a date with a catfish staring down your blouse, and who conveniently ‘forgot’ their wallet and leave you saddled with a £200 tab.

We can’t make your date any less shit, but we can pay for it. Introducing refundmyshitdate.com – where we ask you to submit to us your worst dates, and we opt to refund the worst ones.

We launched in summer 2020, when the world was locked inside and bored as f*ck. So we ran some ads claiming compensation for your trash dates, and overnight we went viral. Thousands of submissions came in, and we were inundated with gory, funny and downright disgusting entries.

Our website had a tracker for ‘date money spent’ which ended up totalling millions of pounds – just purely being spent on sh*tty dates.

Soon we were called by Vice who wanted to talk to us, and then The Sun, The Metro, Hunger Mag and then even Loose Women.

Then we were contacted by dating app Inner Circle who wanted to purchase our silly little idea off us, to which we obliged – and they rebooted it into Refund My Shit Date – The Pandemic Edition.

TV ads were ran, and the whole thing went from a small £400 one page microsite into a media shitstorm in the space of a few months.

It ended up winning a Webby, a w3 gold award and was recognised by many prestigious online award bodies.

Credits: Ollie McVey – Developer

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